Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knotted Headband

I found this headband on You Seriously Made That!? and loved it! I knew I had to try it. It's a super easy project for the beginner crocheter because you just make a chain and nothing more. I don't think I could explain it half as well as Cami can so if you want the tutorial HERE it is.

Size H Crochet Needle
8 inches of ribbon
2-6 inches of elastic

Difficulty: Easy (if you crochet)
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: under $2-$5 (depending if you have yarn)

I loved the original but I had to make some changes. Instead of using ribbon to tie the headband on, I used elastic. Come on?! Who can actually tie on a headband and get it tight enough with out getting your own hair caught in it. I know I can't. Other than that, mine is the same. The hardest part for me was tightening the knot. Just take your time, follow the instructions, and you'll do fine.

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