Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patty's Day Shirts

I'm really getting into St. Patrick's Day this year and I don't know why. I'm not Irish but I get excited seeing the 17th getting closer. I've come up with cute Patty's day ideas like the special pillowcase, a Goodie Bag from the Leprechauns, and even an all green dinner (you'll see these later) but I don't know why (maybe it's because my 26th birthday is coming and I'm trying to distract myself).ANYWAYS! When I came up with this idea for a shirt I was super excited!

Colored T-Shirt
Shapes and Letters
Spray Bottle

Difficulty: EASY
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $5 or more (depending on the shirt)

1. Take a piece of cardboard, metal, cutting board, anything (I used my plastic cutting board) and put it insides your t-shirt (this helps to keep the bleach from bleeding through to the other side or even into your carpet).

2. Lay out your shapes and letters to make a cute design. I'm lucky and have a Cricut Cutting Machine and I made the design all on my own.

3. Carefully spray bleach over the shirt. REMEMBER: Wherever you spray will change colors. If you don't want a certain place to change, don't spray that spot.

4. Remove the shapes and wait. You can wait with the shapes on but I like to watch the change happen so I removed them. Wait about 5 minutes or until you get the color you want. Then Rinse your shirt with water. REMEMBER: Your shirt will keep changing until you rinse it.

5. Wash and dry your shirt as normal. I even washed it with other clothes and things turned out fine (I rinsed the shirt before, really, Really, REALLY well).

And there your go! I had the Little Monster try it on when he first woke up to get some pictures and he LOVED it! He didn't want to take it off. I also made one for myself that says, "I'm LUCKY in Love." I thought that was more appropriate that the "Get LUCKY" my hubby suggested. Not too bad.

I know the shirt is backwards...The hubby was at work and I didn't have anyone to take the picture for me. Hence the mirror shot with my IPhone.

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