Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growth Chart

I've been planning to make G a growth chart for months now. I've even had the supplies but with the weather being COLD and me being a SLACKER, I haven't done it. But the weather was in the 60's the last couple of day so I thought that I would get outside and start crafting.

Wooden Fence Post
White Paint
Colored Acrylic Paint
Wooded Shapes (Optional)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: an Hour
Cost: $10 if you have to buy white paint

1. Start off by sanding your board.

2. Paint it with the white paint. 2-3 cost best for even coverage.

3. Use a measuring tape and measure out feet and mark it on the board and paint it with the acrylic paints.

4. If you don't want to decorate your board then you are done (and truth be told, If I hadn't already painted my circles I would have called it good) but if you want you can buy a bag of wood shapes at JoAnn's for $2. Paint them with the same acrylic paints that you painted your numbers and let them dry.

5. Then using wood glue, the circles to the board and to each other. And Puff! A pretty awesome growth chart!

So...On a side note, I have an amazing helper. G loves to help, no matter what I'm doing. While he was playing outside I thought I could run inside and grab the same paints off the table (I forgot them). When I came back out (literally not more than 10 seconds) this is what I found. I asked him if he stepped on mommy's board and he looked me straight in the eyes and lied to me...What do you expect from a 2 year old? Honesty? I think not!

More of my awesome "helper". You can still see the gouge marks where he "painted" but it will be a great story to tell when he's older and asks...why are there all these marks? Because of you my boy...Because of you!


  1. WAIT! Where's the finished product?! G is so stinkin' adorable. I love that kid. :)

  2. oh Sorry I'll post that pic in a second.

  3. Amy beat me to it, I was going to ask the same thing. I'd love to see it all finished

  4. Still waiting to see the finished product........