Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm not dead

Hey Guys! I haven't forgot about my blog. My computer is down and I am working hard on making a dress for my sister's wedding so I haven't had time to fix it. I will be back (hopefully soon). Love you all!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Date with Nate-Week 4

This weeks Date with Nate was...Drum roll please... A Wii Night! We love our Wii, I'm cheap but it was really worth the money we paid for it. I can work out, play games, see the weather, watch the news, and now you can even get netflix on it. Amazing! (Ok. Enough about the wii)

We bought a new game (used) at our local Game Stop to play tonight; actually we wanted a different game but this one got bought by mistake. I thought that since this was a completely stay at home date that I would have some fun by getting creative in my clothing. While Nate was putting G to bed I grab some old Halloween tights, my swim shorts, and a head band. Then with some interesting make up and hair styling, I was ready! The results are below...My alter ego, Crusher (If I was ever to be a roller derby girl, which I really want to be, this would be my costume and name!).

Nate love it and thought I was super cute! We popped in our new game (Carnival Games) and started the smack talk. I have to admit that I am more guilty of smack talk than Nate is but how can you not when you are dressed like the Crusher!

This is my Game Face. Grrrr....

A few things I learned during our Wii night. I'm a contender and Nate is a macho man. I can't shoot a basketball or throw darts. Nate is a dead eye when it comes to shooting ducks. I am a dunk master. This was a great date. Nate kicked my but by winning 12 games to my 6 but there was some gloating on my side when I actually did beat him at something. In the end, I had to scoop Nate's ice cream because he won but I didn't mind because it was great just to spend some one on one time with my hubby.

One of my gloats

Nate doing the strong man-like I said, he's a macho man

I really do love my hubby and it nice to be with him as just the two of us; a boy and a girl that love each other and want to spend quality time together. It's great to date your husband. There's no worry about if he likes you or if he'll think you are weird (because in my case, he already knows that I am and he loves me for it!).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Quotes

I love quotes. When I read a book and come across a quote that I like, I ear mark the page (all you librarians out there don't hate me) and write down all the quotes I found in the whole book. It's not only books. I love movie quotes, scripture quotes, quotes from speeches, anything. I decided that every Tuesday will be quote day. I'll give you one of my favorite quotes; silly, heart warming, spiritual, funny, serious, off the wall, anything that I think has merit (It's my blog, I have say on what get's posted.) Today's quote:

"Humor is merely tragedy standing on its head with its pants torn." --Irvin S. Cobb

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go, Cougars!

Today was the second game of the football season; BYU VS. Airforce and Nate was invited to watch the at a friend's house. Lucky for me, this friend has two young boys about G's age so he got to go with daddy! They were so happy they screamed, Yay!

G and Daddy in their BYU Shirts

The boys left around 2:00, which gave me about 4 hours alone. Truth be told I have no idea what I was going to do. Nate told me I wasn't able to do any household chores since this was supposed to be my relax time. I played a computer game until about 2:30, then I got in the tub. I cranked up the heat and relaxed. I put on a face mask, read a few chapters in my book (Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is awesome!!!), and shaved my legs. I spent a whole hour just relaxing. I don't think I have ever been able to spend an hour in the tub. After my bath, I played my computer game again and was BORED!!!

At least the boys had more fun. They had BBQ, played with the kids, and watched the game. Apparently, at one point, G and M (Nate's friend's son) were crawling on the floor and G got on M's back and started riding him like a horse. I love my son! They had a great time even though the Cougars lost 14-35. My final conclusion of the day, I may wish for more time by myself but I truly wouldn't know what to do if I was alone. I am so thankful for my family (even if G has hit the terrible 2's and wont stop whining).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Date with Nate- Week 3

This week's Date with Nate was... Frisbee Golf! Before little G was born, we would go play at least once a week. It's free, super fun, and you can act really silly while you play. This is a great park about 5 miles away in the town just North of ours with a great Frisbee Golf Course and we decided to go there. After dropping G off at "Bopba's" House, we met our good friends Jesse and Serena to double date with us.

Aren't we a cute couple?!

Serena and Jesse

Jesse and Serena are really fun and we had fun trying to out frisbee each other. We are good at all but when everyone equally suck it's really fun. There were "Pro" Frisbee-ers playing while we were; they had different frisbees for the distance they wanted to throw and one guy even had a golf bag that folded out to be a chair. They were intense.

Serena's first throw- It didn't go that far.

He should pose for a Greek Statue

It was raining earlier today and I thought we were going to have to reschedule but an hour or so before the clouds lifted and the grass dried and we were able to play. It was cool but once we started moving we warmed up real fast.

I had to stretch for my big throw

Told you- Big Throw

There was a serious Frisbee Golf accident and Serena lost her leg, but she's ok now.

This is his sad face after a really bad throw

Serena finding her frisbee

We did have a few mishaps. A few frisbees went to far or high and got temporarily lost but in the end we found them all and were able to finish the game.

Stupid Tree got in my Way

Jesse threw his frisbee in this bush 3 times

We had a great time. Serena was First, Nathan and Jesse tied for Second, and I was Last but that didn't bother me. Winning wasn't the point of today, having fun was and man did we have a good time. We are really going to have to double with these guys again. If you have the time, try frisbee golf. It's great!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day, Great Day (Part 1)

Today was Labor Day! We usually just sit around the house on these holidays asking, "What should we do?" Today we decided to get out of the house and do something that G would like. We were debating between the Living Planet Aquarium or the Dinosaur Museum both of which my in laws would love so the night before we called them and asked if they wanted to go with us. Of Course they would! They came and picked us up this morning and off we went to the Aquarium.

We got there about an hour after it opened and spent about 3 hours wandering around, taking pictures, reading about the fish, and watching a movie about the lake. I was really fun.

G with the Toad

G looking at the Toad

Daddy and G
(They both stopped smiling right when I took the picture)

I really liked this fish
( I don't remember what it was called)

One of the Penguins
(the other ones were too fast to take a picture of)

A South American River Stingray- Super Cool!

Me and G
(this is the easiest way to take his pictures-He really liked the fish)

As a family we collect Christmas Ornaments from places we've been. I like the ones that say where we were and the year but they didn't have any here. They didn't have anything that said the Living Planet Aquarium so we made a squished penny and are going to turn it into an ornament to remember today. If you have the time and are in the Sandy area, Check it out! We had a great time!

Labor Day, Great Day (Part 2)

After we left the Aquarium, we grabbed some lunch and headed to our next spot...The Dinosaur Museum! G loves the show Dinosaur Train so we thought that this would be the perfect place for him (I think my father in law was excited too!). The museum starts with some displays of how we find fossils and then goes through the different ages of the planet. It was really cool. There are lots of hands on displays and I think I touched them all.

G and Daddy before we went in the Museum

When we first walked in there are dinosaur fossils and a large flying dinosaur above you. I tilted G back in his stroller and I was showing him the flying one when he flung himself back and I kind of dropped him. The braces on the stroller hit the ground so it protected his head but it scared him a lot. That's why Nate is holding G in the picture above.

There were lots of fossils and G loved them all.
This was one that I thought was really cool looking.

They have a kids area that you can play in the sand and water and build things. Nate liked this better than G did; once he got sand on his hand he FREAKED out! What can I say, My son doesn't like his hands dirty.

G and a Dinosaur


I asked everyone what their favorite dinosaur was, my father in law and I both like the Triceratops.

My mother in law and Nate both liked this thing. It's the biggest turtle ever found, it's called an Archelon Ischyros. Whatever it is called, It's big!

Cool giant fish

At the end there is this huge shark and we just couldn't pass up a chance to take a picture. All in all today was a great day! We decided that we may go and visit with my in laws all the time but we need to DO more things with them. I think this was a great start and there will be more day like today!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Date with Nate- Week 2

Today was our weekly date night (the hubby is now on days at work, Hooray!). This week we grabbed a Cheese Tasting Date from the Date Jar. I got the idea from Moments to Live By. Now before you think, "A cheese tasting? Really?!" I need to tell you a little about my hubby...He loves Cheese! I can buy a one pound block of cheese and he will have it eaten (not on things, just cutting pieces off the block) in 3 days; so I added this to the list of dates as an ode to him. Love you honey!

We went to Harmon's and were treated like Kings (and in my case a Queen). We were just going to get an apple, some crackers, and some cheese but once we walked by the fresh bread area and the man started giving us samples we were hooked. We decided on a Fresh Baguette instead of crackers and then headed over to the cheese man. I have to tell you, I went a little over board. What can I say? Along with being a procrastinator, I'm also indecisive. The great guy at the cheese station, Steve, cut us tiny pieces and by the time we left the store, we had 12 different cheeses, an apple, a peach, a pear, roast beef, and the baguette.

We waited until G was asleep, jumped in the shower, got dressed up (I told Nate he couldn't wear Jammies since it was a date), and set the end table for a romantic night of cheese and talk.

The Spread

Our Cheese Plate

Our Fruit Plate

The Baguette

First, we tried the cheeses alone and then with bread and then with fruit. We had some Goudas, Fromager, Asiagos, a Cajun Cheddar, Havarti, and more. Some were good, some were okay, and one was terrible. These were ok to take a small taste of but I wouldn't be able to have a lot of them or have them on a sandwich. I've come to a realization; I like plain pre-packaged cheese. I like Colby Jack, Cheddar, Pepper Jack; which we didn't buy any of. We did get some great goat's milk cheeses from our neighbor that we really liked but I think I like cow's milk cheeses for texture.

Nate with the Havarti (he really liked that)

Me with the Dubliner (I hated it!)

All in all, it was a great date. We did spend more money on the cheese and crackers than we thought we would ($25) but we would have spent that much on a dinner out anyways. Give it a try! Go out and buy some cheese (though I suggest not 12 different kinds) and spend some time with your spouse. P.S. Don't get the Dubliner!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bridal Shower Favors

My little sister is getting married and I'm her Matron of Honor (I like maid of honor better but I guess since I'm old and married I guess I'll use the correct terminology). I'm planning her shower and saw these favors on a craft show called "She's Crafty". It's a Canadian show so if you've never heard of it, that's ok but it's awesome! If you are going to make these you need to start collecting toilet paper rolls way in advance. It takes a while to get enough but you are going to have them anyways, you might as well recycle them and turn them into something cute.
Here's how you do it:

1. You'll need toilet paper rolls, sticky back contact paper (the stuff your mom or grandma used to line the kitchen draws with), and scissors.

2. Measure the TP roll. You would be surprised and how different the rolls can be. I made groups of similar sized rolls and then would only have to measure once for each roll.

3. Measure out the same amount of contact paper as your roll and cut one long piece.

3. Measure around the TP roll. I found it was easiest to use a paper tape measure since it's easier to measure circles with it. Then cut your long piece of paper into 2 smaller pieces. It's ok it they are a little larger. They will over lap or be folded so you wont be able to tell.

4. Take off the paper from the stick back of the contact paper.

4. Wrap the paper around the TP roll, being careful to push out any air bubbles. (It's not super sticky so if there are bubbles or anything you don't like you can take off the paper and try again.)

5. This is what the roll should look like after you've rolled it. Nice, clean, tube that you would never know was a toilet paper tube.

6. Fold down half of on side so that it's almost perpendicular to the roll. (Like above)

7. Fold the other side down so that it folds over the first side. Fill the rolls with candy (I'm going to fill it with Kisses) Repeat step 6 and 7 to the other side of the roll to close up the roll.

8.This is what you'll end up with. A nice favor that is ready to embellish. I found a rubber stamp that says all you need is love and I'm going to use a blue ink (my sister's wedding colors are black and blue) and stamp it on the front of the favor.

I thought that this would be a nice little take home favor to give to the guests as they leave.