Thursday, September 9, 2010

Date with Nate- Week 3

This week's Date with Nate was... Frisbee Golf! Before little G was born, we would go play at least once a week. It's free, super fun, and you can act really silly while you play. This is a great park about 5 miles away in the town just North of ours with a great Frisbee Golf Course and we decided to go there. After dropping G off at "Bopba's" House, we met our good friends Jesse and Serena to double date with us.

Aren't we a cute couple?!

Serena and Jesse

Jesse and Serena are really fun and we had fun trying to out frisbee each other. We are good at all but when everyone equally suck it's really fun. There were "Pro" Frisbee-ers playing while we were; they had different frisbees for the distance they wanted to throw and one guy even had a golf bag that folded out to be a chair. They were intense.

Serena's first throw- It didn't go that far.

He should pose for a Greek Statue

It was raining earlier today and I thought we were going to have to reschedule but an hour or so before the clouds lifted and the grass dried and we were able to play. It was cool but once we started moving we warmed up real fast.

I had to stretch for my big throw

Told you- Big Throw

There was a serious Frisbee Golf accident and Serena lost her leg, but she's ok now.

This is his sad face after a really bad throw

Serena finding her frisbee

We did have a few mishaps. A few frisbees went to far or high and got temporarily lost but in the end we found them all and were able to finish the game.

Stupid Tree got in my Way

Jesse threw his frisbee in this bush 3 times

We had a great time. Serena was First, Nathan and Jesse tied for Second, and I was Last but that didn't bother me. Winning wasn't the point of today, having fun was and man did we have a good time. We are really going to have to double with these guys again. If you have the time, try frisbee golf. It's great!!

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