Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go, Cougars!

Today was the second game of the football season; BYU VS. Airforce and Nate was invited to watch the at a friend's house. Lucky for me, this friend has two young boys about G's age so he got to go with daddy! They were so happy they screamed, Yay!

G and Daddy in their BYU Shirts

The boys left around 2:00, which gave me about 4 hours alone. Truth be told I have no idea what I was going to do. Nate told me I wasn't able to do any household chores since this was supposed to be my relax time. I played a computer game until about 2:30, then I got in the tub. I cranked up the heat and relaxed. I put on a face mask, read a few chapters in my book (Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is awesome!!!), and shaved my legs. I spent a whole hour just relaxing. I don't think I have ever been able to spend an hour in the tub. After my bath, I played my computer game again and was BORED!!!

At least the boys had more fun. They had BBQ, played with the kids, and watched the game. Apparently, at one point, G and M (Nate's friend's son) were crawling on the floor and G got on M's back and started riding him like a horse. I love my son! They had a great time even though the Cougars lost 14-35. My final conclusion of the day, I may wish for more time by myself but I truly wouldn't know what to do if I was alone. I am so thankful for my family (even if G has hit the terrible 2's and wont stop whining).

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