Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Date with Nate-Week 4

This weeks Date with Nate was...Drum roll please... A Wii Night! We love our Wii, I'm cheap but it was really worth the money we paid for it. I can work out, play games, see the weather, watch the news, and now you can even get netflix on it. Amazing! (Ok. Enough about the wii)

We bought a new game (used) at our local Game Stop to play tonight; actually we wanted a different game but this one got bought by mistake. I thought that since this was a completely stay at home date that I would have some fun by getting creative in my clothing. While Nate was putting G to bed I grab some old Halloween tights, my swim shorts, and a head band. Then with some interesting make up and hair styling, I was ready! The results are below...My alter ego, Crusher (If I was ever to be a roller derby girl, which I really want to be, this would be my costume and name!).

Nate love it and thought I was super cute! We popped in our new game (Carnival Games) and started the smack talk. I have to admit that I am more guilty of smack talk than Nate is but how can you not when you are dressed like the Crusher!

This is my Game Face. Grrrr....

A few things I learned during our Wii night. I'm a contender and Nate is a macho man. I can't shoot a basketball or throw darts. Nate is a dead eye when it comes to shooting ducks. I am a dunk master. This was a great date. Nate kicked my but by winning 12 games to my 6 but there was some gloating on my side when I actually did beat him at something. In the end, I had to scoop Nate's ice cream because he won but I didn't mind because it was great just to spend some one on one time with my hubby.

One of my gloats

Nate doing the strong man-like I said, he's a macho man

I really do love my hubby and it nice to be with him as just the two of us; a boy and a girl that love each other and want to spend quality time together. It's great to date your husband. There's no worry about if he likes you or if he'll think you are weird (because in my case, he already knows that I am and he loves me for it!).


  1. You two are SO CUTE! I LOVE CRUSHER!!!!!!!!

  2. I love it. The outfit is the best part. You and Nathan inspire me. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  3. I did not know you had such a sweet blog!!!! I love it so much and love that you have date nights. I need to do that for sure!