Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day, Great Day (Part 2)

After we left the Aquarium, we grabbed some lunch and headed to our next spot...The Dinosaur Museum! G loves the show Dinosaur Train so we thought that this would be the perfect place for him (I think my father in law was excited too!). The museum starts with some displays of how we find fossils and then goes through the different ages of the planet. It was really cool. There are lots of hands on displays and I think I touched them all.

G and Daddy before we went in the Museum

When we first walked in there are dinosaur fossils and a large flying dinosaur above you. I tilted G back in his stroller and I was showing him the flying one when he flung himself back and I kind of dropped him. The braces on the stroller hit the ground so it protected his head but it scared him a lot. That's why Nate is holding G in the picture above.

There were lots of fossils and G loved them all.
This was one that I thought was really cool looking.

They have a kids area that you can play in the sand and water and build things. Nate liked this better than G did; once he got sand on his hand he FREAKED out! What can I say, My son doesn't like his hands dirty.

G and a Dinosaur


I asked everyone what their favorite dinosaur was, my father in law and I both like the Triceratops.

My mother in law and Nate both liked this thing. It's the biggest turtle ever found, it's called an Archelon Ischyros. Whatever it is called, It's big!

Cool giant fish

At the end there is this huge shark and we just couldn't pass up a chance to take a picture. All in all today was a great day! We decided that we may go and visit with my in laws all the time but we need to DO more things with them. I think this was a great start and there will be more day like today!

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