Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Day with a Great Friend

As a mom, I hardly get time to myself but on Thursday I was able to spend a whole 5 hours without my little one. My very good friend, CaDee, called me to say that her work was having a party at the water park and she asked if I would go with her. I was really tempted; free admission to the park, free tube rental, free dinner, and 5 whole hours without G. I searched, called, and text my little heart out to find a baby sitter but no luck. Then I thought about my cousin. She has a 10 year old son and G just adores him! She was thrilled to baby sit and for the whole day I was giddy with excitement. After a quick stop to pick up a wayward pair of swim shorts, we arrived at our destination.

CaDee and I in front of the Park

We rented our double tube and ran off to the tube rides. We had so much fun going down slides and jumping in the wave pool. After a few turns jumping waves, we were famished so we took our vouchers to the snack bar for our FREE dinner. We both got a hamburger, chips, and a drink. It would have been better if we could have gotten cheese but it was free so I’m not complaining.

Me and my FREE dinner

Water parks are like fairs, you just have to splurge with greasy, sweets so CaDee bought us a funnel cake and a large Dr. Pepper (the ones with our dinner were tiny). Here are a few picture of us with our delicious funnel cakes.

You can't forget to give love to the DP!

The rest of the night went pretty much the same way. Slides, tubes, and waves until we stopped off at the table after playing in the wave pool. We were just going to grab out tube and hit some more slides but a co worker of Cadee's asked if her husband, Shawn, could go with us. We are very nice people so of course we said yes. We grabbed a 3 man tube and off we went.

I took this picture before we ran off with Shawn. I thought it was gorgeous with the moon and the water!

On the first ride we went on, the life guard told us that Shawn had to be in front because he was heaviest. When we went around the first turn, we got a little high but on the second turn we went way too high and the tube tipped over. Now just so you know there is only about an inch of water in the tube slide so there wasn’t much cushion. Off went Shawn since he was first, I completely stopped because my shorts are made of cotton and not the best for sliding, Cadee there for was caught in the middle with the tube on top of her. She threw the tube off of her and back to me. I grabbed it and went down the slide head first. I caught up to Cadee very quickly and ended up pushing her down the slide but not before we heard the people behind us coming down. We barely made it out before the other tube caught up with us. It was the funniest thing ever.

After that we went down another slide and almost went flipped over again! We went down about 3 other slide after that and the whole time we couldn’t stop laughing. It was So much fun! We ended the day in the wave pool and as we were waiting the waves to start again, we noticed a bat flying around. We watched it for about 5 minutes while we treaded water until it took a sudden turn and dive bombed us. We scram and dove under the water and as we came up me noticed the life guard laughing at us. I guess it is pretty funny when you aren’t the one being attacked by a blood sucking rabid bat (or at least that how he looked in that moment). I haven’t been able to act silly and care free for a while and it was nice not to have to be a mom for a couple of hours (of course I did called my cousin about 4 time to check that everything was going well). I had a great day with a great friend! Thanks CaDee it was a blast!

We took this one as we were leaving. It may have been cold but it was totally worth it!

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