Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Fridays- Bowling

The weekend of my birthday, my dad and step mom came up from Vegas for a visit. We had so much fun! We shopped and played and ate and laughed and talked. We had such a great time, I didn't want it to end! One of the fun activities we did was bowling. The hubby LOVES bowling and always tells me that while he was on his mission, he went bowling every week on this prep day. We don't go often and G has never been so this was a special treat!

Daddy helping G bowl


Papa Zoom Zoom helping G bowl like a big boy

Nanny and G waiting for the ball

It was so much fun! G loved it so much! It was hard for him to wait for his turn. After everyone else's turn he would stand up and say "G--------'s turn!" Super cute! He had to tell him, No! You are after Zoom Zoom. We all had a great time. Zoom Zoom won and then it was Me, Nanny, Nate, and G (though he was better the majority of us for a long time). If you haven't been bowling for a while, grab the kiddos and go. It is well worth it!

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